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What's so good about wild blueberries?

That's easy. They taste great.

As a matter of fact, can you think of a dish that wouldn't be better with a couple handfuls of wild blueberries thrown in? Biscuits? Ice cream? Turkey with blueberry sauce, anyone?

Maybe it's the way they grow. Wild. Windswept. Flourishing in the acidic soil that was the glaciers' parting gift to coastal Maine. Mother Nature grows them, pretty much as she has for eons. We help some, but we also know when to stand back and let this rugged, rockbound land do what it does to perfection: produce the world's most delectable fruit.

Of course, taste's just one reason products containing wild blueberries fly off the shelves. Wild blues are health food: fat free, jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, zero cholesterol and sodium.  Recent studies on the pigments that put the "blue" in blueberry showed they're a potent source of anthocyanin, an antioxidant known to block cancer-causing cell damage and the effects of certain age-related diseases.

Quite simply, there's nothing like a case of the blues. Except another. And another...

Wild Blueberry Growing Area