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Put 'em to work.

Allen's firm-skinned wild blues hold their pleasing shape and stunning color through all sorts of manufacturing processes. (So a blueberry muffin, for example, comes out looking like a muffin, not one big exploded blueberry.)

Available year round, individually quick frozen (IQF) berries maintain their quality for over two years.

And, because they're naturally smaller and more compact than their cultivated cousins, wild blueberries deliver up to three times more fruit per pound.

Commercial food manufacturers throughout the United States, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Mexico, France, and Italy, trust Allen's. We ship in 30-pound corrugated cartons with polybag liners; trailerloads hold 1,360 cartons or 40,800 pounds of blueberries. Containers can hold up to 1,750 cartons or 52,500 pounds of blueberries. Efficient service, plus refrigerated vehicles and containers for overseas shipping, guarantee quality.